Fruity Cockails

This project aims to have a quick reference for all classic cocktails.

I have been developing a Javascript search function to search classic cocktails, and later have people add and search any cocktail. I decided to try for a Progressive Web App (PWA) so cocktails can be searched offline. I have found myself on both sides of the bar without a connection…

As I wanted to see the completed progress of the PWA I uploaded before researching the cocktails. You can see the uploaded MVP (cocktails pending, you can see the Americano and Aperol Spritz) at The Classic Cocktail Search code is on Github.

Even though I have been making cocktails for a long time only a few cocktails have been added to web app, I plan on adding one each night as they don’t take long to research and upload.

Have a look at the Software Design Document (SDD) in its current state. I have plans to put all the cocktail information in a javascript array object or even add user login and more the info to a database, probably using node.js.

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