Photograph of Mushroom on a Forest

I have taken a lot of photos over the years. A few years back I was going through them and realised there are a lot of photos that I had spent a lot of time preparing for that may be useful to other people. It seemed like a good idea to start collating photos and posting them on stock photos sites. Then watch the royalties come in…

It didn’t happen exactly like that and hasn’t happened yet. It has been a learning process. I have learned a lot from photos not being accepted, from post to metadata and everything in-between.

Currently, I have around 20 photos accepted by Shutterstock and another hundred in the process of submitting. I have also started using Getty Images/iStock, Dreamstime, Adobe Stock and Stocksy to upload stock images. I enjoy photography and plan on continuing photo submissions.

Check out my profile on Shutterstock here –

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