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Facial recognition, mobile phones and cancer, google updates, Apple's self-driving car, Samsungs mystery trademark.


Monday 16th July 2018

Regulate Facial Recognition - Microsoft Makes Sense

Clear Evidence of Mobile Phone Cancer

Google Updates include lower Page Ranks for Slow Mobile Sites

Mystery Samsung Trademark for Better Health

Apple's has a Self Driving Car

Buying a Business? A Must Read on Domain Name Changes

What Happened Recently that Affected Every Website in Australia

Remember those Fake Domain Name Renewal Letters?


Tuesday 17th July 2018

Aussies Leading the Smart 'Car' with Robotics!

Smart Phone Assistants on all the Time

SPAM call filtering on your Android Phone

Renewables will replace Coal Plants

Microsoft Changing Windows Updates Again


 Wednesday 18th July 2018

iPhone Dropped from Plane still in Full Working Condition

Electronic Stickers for the Internet of Things

Glasses to prevent Car Sickness

Samsug Galaxy 10 might have Ultrasonic Fingerprint Scanner

Use Google Assistant to map out your day


Friday 20th July 2018

Australian Scientiests sign Pledge against Killer Robots

8 Million ABN Holders Face a Fee

Google Fined Record $6.8Billion by EU

The Internet VS Traditional Media in Australia

Paraplegic Experiencing the Joys of Walking


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