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Facebook could face Australian Class Action

What should be done with the NBN in the long run

Samsungs New Wireless Pad

A Bill that Introduces Net Neutrality Law?

Why are people Switching from Mac to Windows?

AI and Facial Recognition discovers yoour peronality

Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Twitter make it easier to Transfer your Data

More on the Data Transfer Project

Google Docs Uses AI for Grammar Mistakes

Google employees have not been hacked thanks to this simple USB password tool. (CRN, Gizmodo, Business Insider)

Did Samsung Leak it's own Galaxy Watch? (Gizmodo, CNET)

Apple VS Amazon in the race to $US1trillion. (SMH)

Samsung may have created an Unbreakable Display. (New York Post, AusDroid)

 Bose has introduced 'Anti-Snore' headphones may stop people from snoring. (Washington Post, YouTube WP)

Chrome Update will show unsecure sites message. (SEO Round Table, The Mandarin, BGR, Toms Hardware,

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