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Facebook $120Billion stock the largest in US history. How it compares to other major companies. (Insider)

18 Months untill End of support and 184 Milllion Commercial PC still run Windows 7. (Computerworld)

Firefox is getting a new Logo! Have your say. (The Verge, CNet)

Google says Android phones should only have 2 notches. (The Verge, Engadget)

Spotify songs now available as a Google alarm. (Android Authority, 9TO5 Google, The Verge)

Huawei passes Apple and is now the second largest smartphone maker. (Business Insider, Australian Financial Review)

Reddit got Hacked, update your password! (Wired, 9TO5Mac)

The Hyperloop competition set's a new world record. (Vice News)

Limit your time scrolling with Facebook and Instagram. (ABC News, MamaMia)

Virtual Assistants of the future. (Venture Beat, Digital Trends)

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