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Sailing from Australia to Indonesia.

I have found something so me that resembles Freedom. I sailed from Darwin to Indonesia by sail over 5 days, a wonderful adventure that makes me think about life when the captain gets drunk and staggers towards the railing after a wind gust, all the crew flinch, ready to grab hold of him. But it's ok, he's the skipper, he knows what he's doing.

Regardless, he showed me a freedom. Sailing for 5 days on the wind in a race is a unique experience, relying on the wind, for up to eight hour variances on arrival times in the last 2 days, more accurately a non-specific time-line, a relaxing thought.

My second adventure happened after I changed yachts and sailed from east to west through indonesia for 7 days to Lombok, the island next to Bali. These trips have been video documented and uploaded to YouTube WMLogs.

I am saving for a yacht of my own now!

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