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Knock Knock Booze There Logo

A website for one of Brisbane's first alcohol home delivery services.

Yep, so home delivered booze is now a thing. Knock Knock Booze There delivers bangin booze to your doorstep in a matter of minutes. Knock Knock Booze There. Bangin Booze. Speedy Delivery.

This website was developed for booze home delivery. It is a online shop where you can order quality alcohol as competitive prices with a number of obscure products that may not be available through other services. The hosting needed to handle a large number of visitors ono SSL and email accounts.

It also has a number of custom coding beyond what the content management platform or it's available plugins could deliver. This included a postcode search to find out if delivery was available in your area and to gather you details if delivery was not available.The site also had strict trading hours so the site ordering aspects could not be used outside of trading hours.

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