Creative & STEM Projects

2D and 3D Design Projects, 3D Printing, Photography and Image Processing. Website Design and Development. Machine Learning, Robotics and Mechatronics. Python & C++ coding.

Design and Animation

3D Design, Texturing, Painting, Rigging and Animation services. Consultation and quote.

3D Printing Service

400mm x 400mm Printing services. Prepare your model for printing. Includes initial consultation and quote.

Image Processing

Photo/Image/Negative/Slide Post Processing, Conversion Restoration & Manipulation. Includes initial consultation, video/audio inspection and quote.

Video and Audio Service

VHS/DVD and Video Processing, Conversion, Manipulation & Restoration. Includes initial consultation, video/audio inspection and quote. Audio cleanups.

Electronic Recycling Service

Dispose of your old electronics responsibly. We provide a pickup service in Area's located in NSW and QLD.
Please provide products to be collected.

Website Design and Development

Responsive website design and development using Wordpress or Joomla! CMS. Initial consultation and quote.

Javascript, Python and C++ Scripting/Coding

Mostly specific to Website Development, AI, and real world Sensor and Actuator Integration. Includes initial consultation and quote.

AI, Machine Learning and Mechatronics Projects

Would you like to automate something? I can provide a design and develop various automation projects including autonomous vehicles, robotic armatures and other sensor integrations (eg. garden automation). Initial consultation and quote.