At some time businesses may need to increase there hosting and bandwidth. As your Online business traffic increases so does your disk space and bandwidth for your Website, Emails and Cloud Storage. To prevent 'Downtime' or temporary access to your Hosting Account (Email/website/Cloud) due to going over your Bandwidth or Disk Space limits I have implemented Overage Bandwidth and Disk Space.

Like your home internet or mobile phone bandwidth limit, your hosting account also has a bandwidth limit. It's the amount of data that can flow to and from your device/system. Your Website/Emails and Cloud have Bandwidth. Rather than suspension, your Hosting Account is automatically billed for overage. You can request to upgrade or reduce files and stay on the current plan.

Just like your computer, your hosting server (that has your website emails and cloud storage) has a limited amount of disk space. Rather than suspension your Hosting Account is automatically billed for overage. In some cases going over Disk Space will mean your hosting account is manually upgraded. You will get a bill and if you wish to stay on your current plan you will need to reduce your hosting files.

It is unlikely that you are required to upgrade, if you do you will get notified. I believe this is preferred to Hosting Suspensions for critical business information with an always online policy. Let me know if you have any questions.

Monday, July 31, 2017

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