Captcha (and Re-Captcha) prevents Bots from spamming your website forms, such as a contact form that your visitors use to contact you. The most popular would be googles, it looks like this:

ReCaptcha V2

You can learn more here -

There are many options though I have used Google reCaptcha verification Version 1 (V1) for many years.
Version 1 is now discontinued and all sites that were using this have either been upgraded or will be shortly to Version 2 (V2).
You can read more here -

If you do not use Captcha Verification it often results in thousands of messages in your email In-box, which can cause other issues, best to be avoided!
Website that currently do not use Captcha Verification will require V2 on their forms.

If you have the 'Website Maintenance' Service, this is free. If not there is a small charge of per site. This is a required change to your website.
Website Maintenance costs $59 per year and also includes your website security updates. It keeps your Website solid with technology changes.

I will contact everyone with a website that needs changes and confirm if you would like just the Captcha upgrade or Website Maintenance. Stay tuned!

Sunday, February 25, 2018

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