Overdue account fee's and Domain pricing changes.

I have had some domain expire for non-payment and clients asking for the domain to be renewed. My registrar charges $250USD while a domain is expired (in redemption) to encourage early renewal, else it will go back on the free market. Because of this I have introduced a $150AUD LATE FEE ON ALL SERVICES to prevent or partially cover these fee's in ... Continuare »

19th Ian 2022
Joomla 2.5 EOL

Joomla reached its end of life in 2014. I have kept sites running well since then without any request to migrate your website. PHP is a language used by the server and your website. Joomla 2.5 uses PHP 5.6 and is incompatible with later versions. The server holding your site will update to PHP 7.4 as soon as possible. There are many performance ... Continuare »

26th Iul 2019
Monitoring and Asset Management Service

PC Monitoring and Asset Management service will be removed at the end of your billing period.Moving forward my business model must allow for complete remote management. As this is a remote management tool that requires an on-site service if issues arise (It monitors your PC for hardware issues, and in the majority of cases hardware issues require ... Continuare »

15th Iul 2018
Smart Network Data Service - Junk Email Reporting

We are now paert of the Microsoft Smart Network Data Service with JMRP.

The Junk Mail Reporting Program (JMRP) is a service provided for email senders by Outlook.com.
It lets me receive copies of messages Outlook.com users mark as junk.

10th Apr 2018
Login to Client Portal with Facebook

I have added the feature to login with facebook which should make it easier for some clients that have a little trouble remembering their Client Portal Login Details.

You can use it here - https://mattharmer.me/clients/clientarea.php

9th Apr 2018
Hosting, Website and Email Security Services

I will be introducing some new services to fight hacking, website spam and other issues. Services will be rolled out over the coming weeks and I will notify via these announcements as that happens.

To get you excited here are some of the services you can be expecting!

Security Services

9th Apr 2018
Captcha V2 - Required Website Upgrade

Captcha (and Re-Captcha) prevents Bots from spamming your website forms, such as a contact form that your visitors use to contact you. The most popular would be googles, it looks like this:You can learn more here - https://support.google.com/recaptcha/?hl=en There are many options though I have used Google reCaptcha verification Version 1 (V1) ... Continuare »

25th Feb 2018
Overage Charges Cancelled

Overage charges are causing some issues with some clients. I have decided to cancel overage billing.
If you have any outstanding invoices for overage charges please let me know and it will be cancelled.

2nd No 2017
Overage Bandwidth and Disk Space

At some time businesses may need to increase there hosting and bandwidth. As your Online business traffic increases so does your disk space and bandwidth for your Website, Emails and Cloud Storage. To prevent 'Downtime' or temporary access to your Hosting Account (Email/website/Cloud) due to going over your Bandwidth or Disk Space limits I have ... Continuare »

31st Iul 2017
Change of Bank Details

Bank details have changed to the following:
Suncorp Bank BSB: 484-799 ACC: 16-702798-2

Invoices and Emails will reflect this change. Please pay all future invoices to this account.

28th Iul 2017